Escif (Valencia, 1980) is a mural painter. He has been active in the street-art scene since the late 1990s. His work focuses mainly on the resignification of the city, based on the statement that life will always be more interesting than art. With a sharp drawing of clear lines and sober colours, his murals question current struggles,resistance movements,the challenges of capitalism, and the environmental problems that cloud our time. Sometimes his paintings are presented as minimal gestures that break into reality, to remind us of the beauty of everything that surrounds us. Much of his work has been developed in Valencia, his hometown. He has carried out a large number of international projects in urban contexts around the world, always in direct contact with the public and the local context. His interventions include art centres such as the Power Station museum in Shanghai (China, 2016), IVAM museum (Valencia, 2017), Palais de Tokyo museum (Paris, 2018), CCCC museum (Valencia, 2020); and events such as the Biennial of Contemporary African Art (Dakar, 2014), OFF Manifesta X (Saint Petersburg 2014), in “Dismaland” project organised by Banksy in Weston-Super-Mare (England, 2015) and the Lyon Biennial (France, 2019).




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