CONFERENCE DAY 2: Live, Laugh, Lower Your Expectations

Live, Laugh, Lower Your Expectations
Presentation by Harriet Richardson


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At the 2019 Youth for Climate strike, award winning artist and designer Harriet Richardson’s protest slogans went viral, leading to what she calls her “15 minutes of meme-fame.” Her slogans included “I don’t want to live on Mars with Elon Musk”, “I should be at work” and “I can’t swim”. A video of Harriet marching through the city with the sign “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriends Deserve a Future” (referencing DiCaprio’s reluctance to date women over 25) rapidly went viral on Twitter, attracting 2.5 million views. This foundational experience gave Harriet an insight into the impact of wordplay in well-executed art and design, a combination that she continues to develop via prints and posters that respond powerfully to local and global issues.

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