The Power of the Ova: Jamie Reid’s Heligan project
Jamie Reid & John Marchant in conversation
11:10–11:50, free entry


Aberdeen Art Gallery, Cowdray Hall, Schoolhill, AB10 1JQ


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Festival artist Jamie Reid joins gallerist John Marchant in conversation to discuss Jamie’s Heligan project. Reid is best known for his subversive genre-defining visual work with the Sex Pistols, but for the Heligan project, he worked with 11 rural acres to etch an immense geometric symbol into the land – creating a sensory experience alive with the buzz of the bees drawn by the sea of wildflowers he seeded within the design. Jamie Reid says of this monumental work that, “The OVA symbol represents rebirth and growth and healing and encompasses the points of the 8-fold year, the solstices and equinoxes.” This is landart that rewilds and reconnects us to a shared and more ancient kinaesthetic bond with the earth, nature and the passage of the seasons.

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