Carlo McCormick
The City and Our Urban Nature
Saturday 10 June. Free Entry.


Join us at Spin for a warm-up talk before our closing party F**k Art, Let’s Dance.


Carlo McCormick will offer his acerbic ending thoughts on REWILDING – on city life and our urban nature – taking us on a journey through city gardens and city beautiful movements, the Olmstead brothers, garden suburbs, and urban planning in the early 20th century, the window box movement – and key interventions such as Agnes Dene’s iconic Wheatfield, bombweed, and the flora of trauma – plus McCormick’s usual digressive entertainments of visual accumulation – in this case cockroaches, pigeons and rats in art.


F**k Art, Let’s Dance begins immediately afterwards.


DJ Martyn Reed and friends
22:00-01:00, Free Entry
Spin. 10 Littlejohn Street

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