Bjørn van Pouke (BE)

For the past fifteen years, Bjørn Van Poucke has been at the forefront of street art’s push for wider acceptance from both the public and the art world. In 2011, he put together the first Belgian street art festival and has since been involved in the creation of over 250 murals in Belgium alone. In 2016, he was approached by the city of Ostend to develop what would become the country’s leading street art event, The Crystal Ship. The festival is now in its sixth year, with Van Poucke still at the helm. After authoring two best-selling books on the subject, Street Art Today (2016) and Street Art Today 2 (2019), the curator co-founded the creative hub All About Things, coupling electrifying artists with ditto brands and cities. It also operates Ruby Gallery, a Brussels joint for both emerging and established artists who like to do things a bit differently. Furthermore, Van Poucke is a frequent speaker at art festivals and fairs – from Paris to Miami – as well as colleges.



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