Lucy Finchett-Maddock (UK)

Lucy is an artist and Associate Professor of Law at Bangor University, North Wales, UK. Her research is broadly concerned with critical legal and contemporary philosophical understandings of law in relation to its material and conceptual formulations of aesthetics, property, entropy and resistance. Since 2015 Lucy has been involved in developing an ‘Art/Law Network’, a meeting space between artists, activists, lawyers, practitioners and other such agitators. Out of this has been borne an interest in the role of law in outsider art, the scope of the impact of institutionalisation on the creative process and law’s role in the formulation of the genre in itself. Part of Lucy’s work is practice-based, including working with sound, video, sculpture and data sets. The practice-based element of her work is inspired by her artistic practice that seeks to capture ontological questions around artificial and formal divides – the human/machine, subject/object, divisions between art and law. Lucy is currently writing the monograph, ‘Art’ (Routledge New Trajectories in Law Series).

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