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Kadri Lind is a professional city lover. With a background in urban studies, she is a self-taught curator/producer and since 2013, a proud mother of two: Stencibility Street Art Festival and Urban Festival UIT. She’s fascinated by how people perceive and experience their environment and believes that every inhabitant should have a personal relationship with their city, and that could be triggered by temporary site-specific artworks.


Sirla is a big believer in illegal street art. She wrote her master’s thesis about the importance of illegality and creative freedom in street art. She is the head of Stencibility Street Art Festival that’s held in Tartu, Estonia and just celebrated its 10th anniversary supporting the idea of independent street art (aka anarcho-street art) in an era dominated by large-scale mural festivals. Once in a while she also goes out to hit the streets to practice what she preaches.


About Stencibility

Founded in 2009 in Estonia, Stencibility has carved out an international reputation for supporting independent street art in an era dominated by large-scale mural festivals. This year’s anniversary festival gave birth to the term anarcho-street art, which takes its inspiration from the anarcho-punk movement that established itself in response to the corporatisation of an initially anti-establishment art form. Anarcho-punk embraced the syncretic fusion of various strains of ideological anarchism while advocates of the movement identified with various social justice issues from workers’ rights to the anti-war movement. Anarcho-street art, as proposed by Stencibility, offers a similar alternative for street artists by establishing a festival framework that allows for the type of unsanctioned creativity that imbued street art with its original potency.


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