Stephen Ellcock (UK)

Stephen Ellcock is a London-based online collector and curator of images, author, researcher and former musician and bookseller. He is creating an ever-expanding, virtual museum on Facebook and Instagram – the ultimate cabinet of curiosities – which so far has attracted more than 600k followers and increasing media attention, not all of which is unwelcome.


He is the author of All Good Things (September Publishing, 2019), The Book of Change (September Publishing / Princeton Architectural Press, 2021), Jeux de mains, with Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi (Chose Commune, 2021), England On Fire, with Mat Osman (Watkins 2022), The Cosmic Dance (Thames & Hudson 2022).


His next book, ‘Underworlds’ will be published worldwide by Thames & Hudson in October 2023.



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