NeSpoon became active as an artist in 2009. Lace soon became their signature style. The artist explains, “I work on the border of urban art, ceramics, sculpture and painting. Sometimes I comment on social problems in my art that I consider important. I paint murals, canvases and create in-situ installations. The heart of my work is ceramic street art. Why lace? Good question. I’ve never liked lace. Before I started working with it, I thought lace was something outdated. Today it seems to me that each lace harbours harmony, balance and a sense of natural order. Isn’t that just what we are all searching for instinctively? Lace patterns began to interest me when I started working in ceramics. This is one of the most popular ways to decorate dishes all over the world. You push the lace onto fresh clay and this is how the pattern is created. One day I thought that these motifs are beautiful on their own, they don’t need an excuse such as a plate or a mug to exist. I started to make such no-purpose lace objects and glue them somewhere on the streets. Today, ceramic street art is still an important part of my activities.” Over the past 10 years, NeSpoon has worked in almost 40 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, America, Africa and New Zealand and has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions.




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