Thiago Mazza (b. 1984) was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He graduated in Graphic Design at State University of Minas Gerais. Self-taught in painting, he had contact with graffiti writing and then started painting walls. Thiago is one of the exponents of Brazilian contemporary muralism and has participated in urban art festivals such as UpFest (UK), Stenograffia (Russia), Artscape (Sweden), MURO (Portugal), CVTA Fest (Italy), Vukovart (Croatia), IPAF (México), Tbilisi Festival (Georgia) and CURA (Brazil). His work is in dialogue with classical painting, street art and contemporary art. Thiago Mazza is known in the contemporary urban art scene for his mastery in the representation of flora, especially tropical flora. His current painting project involves collecting and painting local plants. Thiago Mazza brings nature to the city.




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